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舒活採耳 - 45分鐘


  • 45 分鐘
  • 原價$1200,現金優惠價:$1000
  • 漢經仕丹 ZenStando


舒活採耳: 源自古法、融合現代的非典型采耳技術。透過各種安全、衛生的特製器具,為平常接觸不到的耳內穴位按摩,遊走神經的刺激,給你酥麻交織的舒暢快感,活化經絡的按摩,讓你感受最深層的放鬆。 適合時常帶耳機、疲勞、壓力大、耳朵搔癢或悶痛等族群。 有以下情況不適合此服務: 耳朵、聽力受損、或耳朵有疾病者。


為確保其他客人服務權益及避免現場客人之久候,若需取消或更改訂位,請提前告知。 *預約完成後我們將盡速寄出確認回函,還請耐心等待,謝謝。 *若您欲與親友同行,請於同時段再預約另一位按摩師,謝謝。 *訂位將保留10分鐘,如逾時將視現場狀況安排座位。 *未開放接待寵物入內或落地(導盲犬除外)。 * 依現場狀況安排座位,若須指定座位請提前告知, 讓我們為您提供最適切的服務。 If you need to cancel or reschedule, please let us know as it affects our staff and other guests who may be waiting for a space. * Reservations will be held for 10 minutes after which guests will be treated as walk-ins and seated on a first come serve basis. *After the appointment is completed, we will send a confirmation letter as soon as possible. Please be patient, thank you. *If you want to make an appointment with relatives and friends, please book another reservation again, thank you. * No pets are allowed inside (Guide dog allowed). * Arrange your seats according to the site conditions. If you need to specify a seat, please let us know in advance, let us provide you with the most suitable service.


  • 台湾新北市板橋區雙十路二段42-1號一 樓


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